Reparations Conference: A Waste of Money

Dear Source:

The government should not have appropriated funds or signed anything supporting for this type of initiative. Have Shelley Moorehead raise private funds for his initiative. The $35,000 appropriated by the legislature for this "Hogwash" called reparations, can be better served for other initiatives, such as, programs geared towards school aged
children, medical care for seniors and kids, or fighting the senseless and out of control crime occurring daily in the Virgin Islands. Shelley Moorehead should find something more constructive to do with his time and quit looking for a "Freebie".
Shelley should look into becoming a mentor to some of the territory's juvenile delinquents and other youth. He is obviously an intelligent guy, so use his intelligence towards a more worthy cause like positively mentoring our youth (The future). Also, the legislature appear to have too much time on their hands, remind them that they were elected into office to take care of the "people" business, not hogwash.

Damien James

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