Schneider Regional Medical Center Is Repairing Malfunction of Air Conditioning

Roy L. Schneider Regional Medical Center

The Schneider Regional Medical Center (SRMC) is experiencing a malfunction of its air-conditioning system, which is primarily affecting patient rooms.  

“Patient care is always top priority for Schneider Regional Medical Center. We are implementing a four-step correction process to ensure our repairs will be done properly and as quickly as possible.  In the meantime, every effort is being implemented to ensure continuance of quality of care and the comfort of our patients and their visitors. We have deployed large fans in the corridors where feasible and some in-room fans where applicable,” said SRMC CEO Bernard Wheatley. 

SRMC’s four-step process involves the installation of a filtration system, replacement of chillers and fan coil units, and repairs to the chill water loop system.    

While some of the necessary parts are already on island, others will need to be shipped from off-island and will take longer to procure. 

“We have already received our new chillers, but are awaiting the new filtration system.  We don’t want to install any new equipment until the filtration system is put in place – as the new filtration system is key to ensuring we are not allowing debris and sediment to enter our newly acquired system parts,” said Darryl Smalls, vice president of facilities management. 

Work to improve the hospital’s air-conditioning system is ongoing. As part of continued upgrades, new chillers have already been installed which serve the hospital’s Labor and Delivery Unit as well as the operating rooms.

The air conditioning system at Charlotte Kimel Cancer Institute (CKCI) is not affected by this current situation.

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