April 30, 2001 – A Source poll conducted to find out who planned to attend V.I. Carnival revealed that the majority of respondents weren't planning to go, which was consistent with a lower-than-average number of participants in at least two events: the adults parade and the Carnival Mile fun run.
The adults' parade had 46 entries, lower by 10 to 20 entries than in previous years, according to several parade veterans. The one-mile run drew 107 people. In 2000 the event had 132 runners; in 1999, 154 people participated.
The largest number of poll respondents said they lived outside the Virgin Islands and would not be coming for Carnival. However, 12 percent of those responding said they didn't live in the V.I. but would be traveling to the islands for Carnival 2001.
Of residents, 20 percent said they would be going to Carnival, including 3 percent from St. Croix.
But 28 percent of readers on all three islands said Carnival wasn't for them.
Here are the results.
The Source wants to get an idea where people attending Carnival come
from. Which of these statements describes you?
1. I live on STT/STJ and, of course, I'm going to Carnival.
STT (94) STX (7) STJ (3); Total (104) 17 percent
2. I live on STT/STJ, but Carnival's not for me.
STT (126) STX (11) STJ (10); Total (147) 23 percent
3. I live on St. Croix and I'm going up to STT to Carnival.
STT (4) STX (16) STJ (0); Total (20) 3 percent
4. I live on St. Croix, and I'm going to pass up Carnival on STT.
STT (14) STX (18) STJ (1; Total (33) 5 percent
5. I live outside the V.I., but I'll be there for Carnival.
STT (55) STX (11) STJ (9); Total (75) 12 percent
6. I live outside the V.I. I'm not going there for Carnival.
STT (155) STX (87) STJ (12); Total (254) 40 percent
This is not intended to be a scientific poll. But we feel that, as a rough gauge of how Source readers feel about issues confronting the territory, the results are interesting and worth considering. And we hope that you will consider voting in this week's poll and those to come.

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