Nov. 7, 2002 – With Tuesday's elections now history, it's time to take down the profusion of political signs that sprang up during the campaign season.
As a matter of law, candidates have until Nov. 19 to get them down, Public Works Commissioner Wayne D. Callwood said in a release issued Thursday.
"It is imperative that candidates remove their advertising in a timely manner," Callwood said, with the exception of any aspiring office holders who may wind up continuing to campaign for the Nov. 19 runoff election. That means Gov. Charles W. Turnbull and his running mate, Sen. Vargrave Richards, who finished first in Tuesday's voting for governor and lieutenant governor, and the team of John de Jongh and Paul Arnold, who came in second.
Callwood said that on Nov. 20, Public Works Department litter enforcement officers will start issuing tickets to any other candidates whose signs are still standing. They will face a fine of $50 a day for each sign, he said.

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