Response to Mr. Turnbull's Defense of Lt. Gov. Richards

Dear Source:
I would like to respond to Mr. Vernald Turnbull's criticism of those who criticized the Lt. Governor's recent platform of commitment to education during his recent candidacy in the gubernatorial race. I'm not sure what Mr. Turnbull means to imply when he says that all three critics, "chose to get personal." Anybody who chooses to run for office makes a personal decision to do so and if critics of that person's platform wish to state their point of view in any forum, I do believe that falls under the right of free speech.
Yes, isn't it indeed "ironic" that the Commissioner of Education just announced the "initiative to obtain accreditation for the Junior and Middle schools in the territory?" In an election year, no less! And, wow, one high school on St Croix won accreditation for the first time last year!
Mr. Turnbull seems to perceive two minor steps over a period of eight years in rectifying the abysmal disaster in which the territory's education has been mired as somehow laudatory. Mindless political criticism?
Anna Clarke
St Thomas

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