Body of Shooting Victim Found in Hospital Ground Friday Morning

Nov. 23, 2007 — Police Friday were investigating the gruesome discovery of a man found dead in Hospital Ground with at least one gunshot wound to the head.
The victim, 41-year-old Clerance VanBeverhoudt, was found about 6:41 a.m. in a grocery shopping cart, said police spokeswoman Monyka Johnigan. He had sustained multiple gunshot wounds to the body and a gunshot wound to the head, police said.
The victim was identified by an aunt, Johnigan said.
Police Chief Rodney Querrard, who along with other law-enforcement officials was at the scene Friday following the discovery of VanBeverhoudt's body, expressed disappointment in the lack of reports to 911 from what he described as a "highly populated" area.
"We believe this incident took place between the hours of 10 pm. Thursday evening and 1 a.m. early Friday morning," Querrard said, according to a police news release. "However, no reports of shots fired in the area were made to 911 dispatchers. During these hours, that area is highly populated — there is even a bar in the area, and we know there are witnesses who can provide law enforcement with support and assistance in piecing together what exactly happened to this individual."
VanBeverhoudt's killing comes nearly two weeks after an as-yet identified 29-year-old man was found gunned down in the Kronprindsens Gade area. The area is also a residential area with several bars in the vicinity. It is the 20th killing on St. Thomas in 2007 and marks the 35th person killed in the territory this year.
Police urge anyone with information to call 911 or contact Querrard directly by calling 715-5548. Callers can remain anonymous. Witnesses who do come forward will be protected "by utilizing all available local and federal resources, if they feel they would be in danger of coming forward," Querrard said. He continued, "Residents must understand that they are the eyes and ears of law enforcement, and without active support from the community we cannot achieve our goal of living in a community free from violent crime."
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