No Decision Yet on Gas Station Wall Fix

Estate Chocolate Hole Realty can continue work on associated gas station structures while it waits for the engineer’s input on what to do about the retaining wall that is bowing, Phillip Smith, director of building permits at the Planning and Natural Resources Department, said Wednesday.

“There is nothing at this stage that inhibits the work going on. The wall is not going to fall,” he said.

An earlier Source report indicated that work had stopped.

Smith said the engineers report is expected by Friday, and that the developer is working on the pad for the gas station’s canopy and the cistern for the building.

The retaining wall has a bow about 30 feet long and 18 inches wide located in the upper portion of the wall. Smith said it’s unlikely the wall will have to be removed. Instead, the developer will likely install a buttress or a “deadman.” A deadman is buried plate, wall or concrete block attached to the wall.

The project raised the ire of residents during public hearings held by DPNR. Residents cited a variety of reasons that included the steepness of Jacob’s Ladder, the road leading to the site, and its proximity to the island’s only open gas station.

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