Thursday Shooting Was a Near Miss

No one was injured Thursday in a brazen afternoon shooting at the intersection by the entrance into Cost-U-Less on Weymouth Rhymer highway, despite bullets flying around the roadway, damaging occupied vehicles.

According to witnesses, at 4:30 p.m. Thursday a man hanging out of the passenger window of an older model black Honda opened fire on another white older model Honda as the vehicles approached the stop light heading east. Once stopped at the light, sources said, the man in the black car, which was was in the front of the traffic, jumped out and began walking toward the white car firing a machine gun.

The intended victim, also a passenger, jumped out of the white Honda which was also stopped in the eastbound lane, and headed for the bush. Witnesses said he appeared to have a gun in his belt.

After the intended victim disappeared, the shooter jumped back into the black car, which made a left into the Cost-U-Less access road and disappeared.

Another witness, whose car was also stopped at the light, said a bullet went through the back door of her vehicle. Only a short time early both of her children had been sitting in the back seat.

“I would have had at least one dead child,” said the woman, who asked not to be identified.

Sometime later, according to sources, while police were still on the scene, the man who fled the white Honda and ran into the bush pulled up near where the incident occurred in a white Toyota Corolla without license plates. He went into the bush, retrieved a weapon, and jumped back into the Corolla which then sped away.

Police were on the scene, but no official information had been released about the incident as of Saturday night. The incident was recorded on the 911 dispatch center blotter. The blotter logs two calls at 4:31 p.m. noting "weapons firearm" and "illegal discharge of firearm."

Calls to police officials were not returned as of early Sunday.

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