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STEAM Fair Highlights District’s Best in Tech, Math and Science

Ariyanna Watson experiments with cloning DNA. (Photo by James Gardner)

The V.I. Education Department spent most of last week hosting students at the University of the Virgin Islands Sports and Fitness Center for a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) fair that showcased everything from new computer applications to real-life wind turbines built from scratch.

STEAM fair winners were announced Tuesday. St. Thomas-St. John District Technology Coordinator Kisha Corbett said after the fair wrapped up that in order to make it to the UVI event, students have to participate in individual fairs within in their own schools.

“Some of the projects that we saw within the schools were really great,” Corbett said. “Some of the students that we have here have been part of the fair since elementary school, and every year, they try to make their projects better and stronger so that by the time they’re in high school, what you see them doing is just phenomenal.”

Ivanna Eudora Kean High School senior Ariyanna Watson was one of those students, and said last week that she had been participating in the STEAM fair for at least the past four years. This year, she focused her project on bacterial transformation, specifically, how bacteria within the body can clone to make more bacteria. For the project, Watson ordered actual DNA found in the intestines and worked to see if she could make replicas.

“I’m really interested in studying microbiology,” she said. “I’ve always been interested in science but with events like the STEAM fair, I can experiment more often and it gives me the opportunity to show off what I know.”

The fair was broken up into several sections, including science and math for elementary, junior high school, and high school students, along with a full day technology showcase for kindergarten to 12th graders. This year’s technology section for junior high school students also featured practical demonstrations that showed how to do, explain or solve something.

“The blind spot is located in the back of your eye, it’s called the optic nerve,” All Saints Cathedral School’s Eric McAllister explain. McAllister said he was interested in designing a demonstration that gave fair-goers the chance to discover exactly where their own blind spot was.

Tasheem Fleming demonstrates the need for a plastic bag ban. (Photo by James Gardner)

Others, such as Addelita Cancryn Junior High School eighth grader, Tasheem Fleming, designed experiments that explored every day issues. Inspired by the recent plastic bag ban in local stores, Fleming designed a project using brown paper bags, decomposable plastic bags and regular plastic bags, that showed which decomposes the fastest.

“Between the three, it’s the paper bag, so people should really use that,” Fleming said.

In order to find out the answer, Fleming said that he buried each bag and checked on the results after a month

Finally, an engineering section gave some of the older students the chance to show off their building skills. Charlotte Amalie High School senior Jadan Jacobs, for example, built a wind turbine from scratch, starting with the creation of blades made out of a bucket that Jacobs said had a “natural curvature.” Inside the turbine was one small generator with a wooden base, and a measuring tool that showed that the wind turbine generated between 1.5 to 2 volts.

While Jacobs said he wanted to pursue a major in bio-technical engineering, he said he was excited to do the project because it allowed him to work with his hands.


This year’s winners are:

Technology Winners

App Creation


Tae’Zha Maduro         1st Place          Tips & Tiaras by Tae               Ulla F. Muller

Rhonda Simon            2nd Place        Kids Make A Difference         Ulla F. Muller


Jr. High School          

Shantelle Simon          1st Place         Natural Hair & All Its Beauty      Addelita Cancryn

Orin Hayes                  2nd Place        Cashflow App                                  Homeschool


High School   

LaKeysha Murray       1st Place         One Tap Language                 Ivanna Eudora Kean

Love Vergland            2nd Place        Hair 2 Eternity                        Ivanna Eudora Kean

Shamyah Joseph        3rd Place         RF Customs                            Ivanna Eudora Kean


Graphic Publishing  


Kheli Maharaj               1st Place          Food Group Collage                Ulla F. Muller

Jazmine Huggins         2nd Place        The Beautiful Virgin Islands  Ulla F. Muller



Jaelyn James              1st Place          Poisonous Fish Collage          Ulla F. Muller

Khechelle Albert        2nd Place        Y.E.M.B.S. Emojis                   Yvonne Milliner Bowsky

Aniyah Anselm           3rd Place         Identify the States                  Ulla F. Muller


Junior High    

Nolan Hamilton-Kraft & Omahri Allamby     1st Place  Cool Ways to Recycle in Your House       

Zandra Smith                                                        2nd Place        Acne and the Face                  Addelita Cancryn

Kamoy Charles                                                      3rd Place         Why Recycle                           Bertha C. Buschulte


High School   

D’Kai Rios                    1st Place          V.I. Dream                              Ivanna Eudora Kean

Alanica Canonier        2nd Place        Digital Scrapbook/Water Color Art of Meiosis         

Jahvante George         3rd Place         Jahvante’s Cottage                  Ivanna Eudora Kean


Individual Web Page           


Aalaisha Edward        1st Place          Seeing Double                         Ulla F. Muller

Nirisi Griffith              2nd Place        Blogging with Nirisi               Ulla F. Muller



Mikhail Duboboy                                                 1st Place          Madlife Website and Blog      Homeschool

Tyrique Smith & Deandre Thompson             2nd Place         Vinicelife.Simplesite.com      

Kalyn George & Delorn Samuel                        3rd Place         Kayln & Delorn’s Education Express


Junior High    

Malik Donovan                                   1st Place          Lab Safety      Bertha C. Boschulte


High School   

Ellaina Wyllis              1st Place          Use of Stem Cells for Bioengineering            Eudora Kean

Adriel Fung                 2nd Place        Web Page                                                             Charlotte Amalie

Rajah Persad               3rd Place         Artificial Intelligence                                         All Saints Cathedral




Shahera Bazzar                                         1st Place          My Life                                   Ulla F. Muller

Ian Wallen                                                 2nd Place        It’s A Big Deal                       Jane E. Tuitt

Darion Stanislaus & Ta’Maya  Davis    3rd Place       Different Ways to use PhotoPeach Slides     



Kirabo Stephens          1st Place          Goliath Spider Birdeater         Gladys Abraham

Krishiv Amarnani        2nd Place        Dog Skin vs Human Skin       All Saints

Le’Caydi Pierr               3rd Place         Virgin Islands Tour                 Ulla F. Muller


Junior High    

Ammal Abdullah & Kisha Coulanges            1st Place          STEM Fair Trailer      

Raynel Charlery                                                 2nd Place        Lung Capacity                                    Ivanna Eudora Kean

David Persad                                                      3rd Place         Why are Reefs Dying                        Bertha C. Boschulte


High School   

Mikhael Joriz Parohinog         1st Place          My Personal Career Profile               Addelita Cancryn

Natalia Charles                          2nd Place        Sources of Jobs Leads                        Addelita Cancryn

Stephan Warner                        3rd Place         Part of Speech                                      Bertha C. Boschulte


Video Presentation   


Kaelene Poole                1st Place          The Effects of Bullying          All Saints Cathedral

Michael Torres Jr.        2nd Place        Super Lego Heroes                 Ulla F. Muller

Mina Mohammad        3rd Place         V.I. Nice                                 Ulla F. Muller



Grace King                  1st Place          My Red Footed Tortoise        Homeschool

Hasna Bazar                2nd Place        Scavenger Hunt                      Ulla F. Muller

Andrew White            3rd Place         Nintendo Switch                     All Saints


Junior High    

Ricky Jervier               1st Place          Mind Craft Montage               Addelita CancrynPaul Castleberry & Amoi

Dore                              2nd Place        The Litter Ghost         Bertha C. Boschulte


High School   

Jose-Ann Chapman & Ki’Andre Thomas    1st Place    Tour of St. Thomas, VI                                            Eudora Kean

Shelaya Mathurin                                            2nd Place      Dynamite Rays Marching Band Promo            Eudora Kean

Destynee Hill                                                    3rd Place         Natural Teeth Whitening                                  Eudora Kean




William Hayes            1st Place          Maze Navigation in Scratch                Homeschool

Daryl Griffith II          2nd Place        Wizard vs Knight vs Secret Dragon   Ulla F. Muller

Asia Francis                3rd Place         Dance Hall                                          Ulla F. Muller



Timothy Hayes            1st Place          Vertical WebCrawler              Homeschool

T’Nique Small             2nd Place        Fetch the Ball                          Ulla F. Muller

Miles Simon                3rd Place         Mbot: Programmable Robot   All Saints


Junior High    

Mireille Boumedine    1st Place          The Functions of Robotics      All Saints

Drishti Tejwani           2nd Place        Coding                                          All Saints


High School   

Liliana Francis                                       1st Place          Wonder Quest Game              Sts. Peter & Paul

Guido Caceres                                        2nd Place        Shattered                                 Ivanna Eudora Kean

Victor LaPlace & Isaiah Benjamin     3rd Place         Pixel Fun         All Saints


Music and Sound Design     


Naseem Bazar             1st Place          Beat Creator                            Ulla F. Muller


Junior High    

Electra Allembert & Le’Vanni   Harrigan       1st Place    Chordbot Lite       All Saints


High School   

J’ahmor Marrishow                              1st Place          Endurance (A Journey Long Last)     Ivanna Eudora Kean

Ronald Lee & Jalen Francis                2nd Place        Purple Rain                                             Ivanna Eudora Kean

Nyrah Daniel & Nisha Punwani         3rd Place         Transition                                               Sts. Peter & Paul


Math Winners


Real World Problem Investigation 


Che’Nai Donadelle     1st Place          Pixel Measurement                  Gladys Abraham

N’Kosana Phillip         2nd Place        What’s in the Bag                   Ulla F. Muller



Diego Kean                 1st Place          Methane Energy                      Sts. Peter & Paul

K’Nard Callendar       2nd Place        Cracking the Cube                  Ulla F. Muller

Avion Samuel             3rd Place         Your Phone Won’t Die           Gladys Abraham


Jr. High School          

Gabrielle Quetel           1st Place          Scientific Notation Learning Game    All Saints

Sandrea Dominique    2nd Place        Golden Ratio                          Bertha C. Boschulte

Breena Sajwani            3rd Place         Pythagorean Theorem                         All Saints


High School   

Dai’sha Webster                                   1st Place          Spatial Analysis of Open Dumping in Smith Bay and  

                                                                                           Frydendal                                Charlotte Amalie

Kajal Gopwani & Dionne Thompson 2nd Place   The Moon & the Tides    All Saints

Kejuan Harrigan                                    3rd Place    Fine the Center of the Universe          All Saints




Luis Hernandez                                   1st Place          Solar Car                                             Jane E. Tuitt

Yadiel Rogers & Yaliya Rogers         2nd Place        Robotic Arm                                      All Saints

Shah-Nkosi Poole                                3rd Place         Hero’s Engine                                   All Saints



Keleil Fleming                                                     1st Place          Making A Robot                                 Ulla F. Muller

Nathan McCarthy & Nathania McCarthy      2nd Place        Rocket Fun     Gladys Abraham

Caleb Santanta & Thomas Ledee                     3rd Place         Virtual Reality Glasses           All Saints


Junior High    

Kaeli Chung                                            1st Place          Reverse Osmosis                                      Addelita Cancryn

Dasmine Maynard                                 2nd Place        The Incredible Homopolar Motor       Addelita Cancryn

Teji Francis & Matthew Kusewski     3rd Place  The Evolution of Rockets  Sts. Peter & Paul


High School   

Makalia Smith                                          1st Place          Self-Generating  Generator                 Ivanna Eudora Kean

Nicholas George                                      2nd Place        Build A Remote Control Car              All Saints

Pierre Meraut & Osayande Francis     3rd Place         Transforming Mechanical Energy       CAHS


Science Winners




Tiffany Boston                     1st Place          Naked Egg                              Jane E. Tuitt

Samya Donastorg               2nd Place         Construct a Camera             Joseph Sibilly

Joshenique Hendrickson 3rd Place          Rain Cloud in a Bottle          E. Benjamin Oliver



Jessica Joshi                1st Place          Home Made Electroscope       All Saints

L’Quania Lavinier       2nd Place        Microwavable Light Bulb       E. Benjamin Oliver

Kayla Bellew                3rd Place         Can You Make Ice Cream Without an Ice Cream Maker                                                                                                                 

Jr. High School          

Shernice John-Pierre   1st Place          Aquaponics                             Bertha C. Boschulte

D’Shawn Hodge            2nd Place        Making Liquid Soap               Adelita Cancryn

Shande Rivera               3rd Place         Fixed Based Building vs. Isolated Buildings Cancryn


High School   

Hezekiah George        1st Place          Super Cooled Water               Ivanna Eudora Kean

Nikayal Bryant            2nd Place        Hydrolic Lift                           Ivanna Eudora Kean

K’Shard Callendar      3rd Place         Fire Ball High School             CAHS




Iaaiah Torrice              1st Place           Germinator                             Jane E. Tuitt

Ben Magee                    2nd Place        All About Worms                   Homeschool

Naitik Jhanwar            3rd Place         Bouncing Balls                       All Saints



Dev Chiannani            1st Place          Brain Freeze: How Does Temperature Affect Your Mind    

Kezia Corbett              2nd Place        Testing Slime Elasticity          E. Benjamin Oliver

Amber Laplace            3rd Place         Nature vs Chemicals               Joseph Sibilly


Junior High    

Tasheem Fleming        1st Place          Are Shopping Bags A Problem to our Environment?

Chloa Rudder &           2nd Place        DNA Extraction                    Sts. Peter & Paul

Cheyanne Rudder

Nikoya Browne           3rd Place         Holy Moldy                            Bertha C. Boschulte


High School   

Erin Hughes                1st Place          Sunscreen Science                   Homeschool

Ludovic Atemazem    2nd Place        Extraction of Hydrolysis        Charlotte Amalie

Mykal Martin              3rd Place         House Hold Spices                 Charlotte Amalie

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