Absolutely Disrespectful!

Dear Source:
I was spending some time station surfing this Wednesday afternoon looking for some upbeat music to dust to. I settled on Pirate Radio 96.1 to listen to a little rock of yesterday and today. To my dismay, after playing some good ear candy, at around 5:30 PM, DJ Tom played a parody of the announcement of Steve Irwin's death. The audio clip had a fake John Mark Karr confessing to killing Irwin. That is in such poor taste! It's disgraceful and disrespectful to Steve, his family, his friends and his fans. Ackley Group owns the station and should take immediate action. It's absolutely disgusting what people lower themselves to these days.
My heart goes out to Steve Irwin's family in their time of loss. The world lost a great man, teacher and animal activist.
Inga Harris
St. Thomas

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