Wet Weekend Ahead

The tropical wave that brought rain showers Friday afternoon primarily to the northern Virgin Islands will stick around through the weekend, meteorologist Walter Schnell, at the National Weather Service in San Juan, said.

“You’re getting the first bands that are associated with the wave,” Schnell said at 3 p.m. Friday, adding that so far, St. Croix hasn’t seen hardly any rain.

He said it will be even rainier on Saturday and into Sunday, but the moisture will stick around through Tuesday.

While he said it’s hard to estimate how many inches will fall, it could total over two inches for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The tropical wave will also bring some gusty winds when thunderstorms are in the area, Snell said.

He said gusts could be up to 35 mph with regular winds between 15 and 20 mph.

Schnell said the winds will bring high seas of about seven feet, while north of the islands in the open ocean, seas will hit nine to 10 feet.

“It’s not a good boating weekend,” he said, adding that in addition to the high seas, it’s not prudent to be out in a small boat when lightning is flashing.

While this wave is not poised to develop into something stronger over the Virgin Islands, Schnell said that could happen when it’s north of Puerto Rico.

The National Hurricane Center is giving the wave a 10 percent chance of developing into something stronger in the next two days and a 40 percent chance of developing in the next five days.

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