Possible Suicide Reported at Golden Grove *Updated*

A prisoner at the Golden Grove Adult Correctional Facility was found unresponsive in his cell and is being considered a possible suicide, according to Everett Hansen, assistant director of the Bureau of Corrections.

Carlos Forrester, a federal detainee, native of Trinidad and Tobago, committed suicide at the Golden Grove Adult Correctional Facility on Monday, May 8, 2017 according to Hansen. No details of why BOC believes it was a suicide were provided. Forrester was brought back to the facility after his court appearance. He was found shortly thereafter in his cell and rushed to the Juan F. Luis Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The detainee was remanded to the Bureau on Saturday, May 6, on charges of extortion, bribery, and threats to an individual. According to Hansen, the incident remains under investigation by several agencies. More information will be forthcoming once the investigations are completed.


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