V.I. Democratic Party Decries Legislature Disqualifying Rodriquez

Any talk about demise of the Democratic Party is premature and perhaps wistful thinking!

There is no doubt that the vote against seating Senator-elect Kevin Rodriquez at the hands of every Democratic Senator, save one, has caused a body blow to the Democratic Party. But the Party is not about one candidate or senator or groups of either. And each elected official should act in accord with the laws of the land and their conscience.

Yes, we support those running on the Party ticket and Platform. We take positions and urge but cannot dictate that they be adhered to. We do not remove individuals from our Party but actions are weighed in terms of future support.

The Democratic Party of the Virgin Islands, under the charter of the National Democratic Party Is, has always been and will remain an organization of individuals organized around principles and purpose developed in service to the people of the Territory. I want to assure my fellow Democrats that our foundation – the principles and our purpose – remain unshaken today.

We as a Party cannot condone or support the process of the recent session and therefore neither the outcome. We are weighing our options going forward Submitted by, Donna M Christensen, MD State Chair

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