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Open forum: From Neglect to Prosperity: A Guide to Frederiksted’s Waterfront Revitalization

“Frederiksted, despite its stunning vistas and rich cultural heritage, pales in comparison to modern coastal towns in terms of year-round vibrancy, community engagement, and public safety.”

Open forum: The Virtues Project

The Virtues Project is about promoting positive behaviors and attitudes for healthy and supportive communities. This week's virtue is Justice.

Open Forum: It’s Time to Explore Full or Partial Privatization of WAPA

Despite the best intentions and efforts of both the administration and the leadership of WAPA, the authority is still unable to provide reliable and affordable power to the community.  All three islands are plagued by systemic blackouts that occur regularly and have for decades. The damage to families and businesses by WAPA’s failures is incalculable.

Open Forum: WAPA Silent on Wartsila Project Delays

A press release from WAPA with prior notice does not lessen the pain and suffering that blackouts pose to the community. The hardship on families, particularly those unable to afford generators, is heavy. Businesses and families already struggling with the high cost of electricity must also be saddled with frequent power failures. Outages kill store revenues and can cause expensive equipment damage.

Open Forum: A Lament to Liberty V.I.

Kindly print my lament to Liberty V.I. and the rest of the Virgin Islands subscribers who are paying monthly bills (three to four months now) and receiving virtually no service.

Open forum: Protect Magens Bay for Posterity

Anna Mae Brown Comment adamantly feels “that yachts have no place in Magens Bay. Choose another bay.”

Open forum: A USVI Constitution: Turning Possibility into Reality

Verdel L. Petersen urges Virgin Islands to get involved with choosing delegates to the next Constitutional Convention to create a proposed constitution for the USVI that will be approved by the electorate and the US Congress.

Open Forum: Calling all Virgin Islanders for Help with a Class Project

Hello! I am a third-grade student in Northern Virginia. Our class is learning about the United States, and I will be teaching our school about the state of the U.S. Virgin Islands. In May, I will create a display for our State Fair that I hope will make you proud. Although I have gathered facts about your state from books and websites, I think that I can receive the best information from the people who live there.

Open forum: Plan for Critical Systemic Change in the USVI

Mark D. Hodge Esq. believes that the problem with the Virgin Islands Legislature is how it is elected. He has a plan for solving this.

Open forum: Board of Education Asks Parents and Students to Take Survey

V.I. Board of Education Chairman Kyza Callwood shares importance of completing survey on academic pursuits and learning.

Open Forum: Humane Society Board Addresses ‘Challenging Times’

These are indeed challenging times for the Humane Society of St. Thomas as an organization, and the HSSTT Board of Directors as a governing body. Although we are in a Code Red position now, our immediate goal is to become financially strong enough through donations and fundraising events to expeditiously bring back our laid-off team members and provide all the animal welfare services that our community so desperately needs. Unfortunately, there have been numerous malicious, inaccurate, untruthful, and defamatory social media posts, and I would like to take this opportunity to provide the facts for those who have been misinformed.

Open Forum: It’s Time for the BMV to Stop Inspecting Vehicles

I don’t know of any states that do not use certified private mechanics to conduct vehicle inspections, either annually or every other year. Here in the Virgin Islands, the government tries to do it all — handle both registration and inspection.

Open Forum: Vialet: Republicans Offer V.I. the Change it Needs

One party rule has failed the Virgin Islands. Our islands deserve better than the failed ideas and programs that the ruling party recycles year after year. It’s time to say enough is enough.

Open Forum: GOP National Committeewoman Sets the Record Straight

I am compelled to address an article in the V.I. Source on January 18th, 2024. And an article in the Daily News on January 25th, that deliberately identified me as the former National Committeewoman of the U.S. Virgin Islands Republican Party. The piece, authored by Gordon Ackley, chairman of the Republican Party of the Virgin Islands, erroneously referred to me as the former National Committeewoman, when in fact, he knows I currently hold this esteemed position.

Open forum: Republican Response to Bryan’s State of the Territory

Chairman Gordon Ackley of the Republican Party in the Virgin Islands reacts to the Governor Bryan’s State of the Territory Address.

Open Forum: Congress Must Fund Affordable Connectivity Program

We humbly submit the argument that the continued provision of affordable access to the internet is of critical importance to the ongoing project that we call American Democracy. Of no less importance to this project is Congress’ ability to demonstrate that it has the political will to take the actions necessary to provide for and protect the American people.

Open Forum: Rebuilding the Foundations: A Call for Government Action in the Wake of Devastation

In the wake of two Category 5 hurricanes that unleashed unparalleled havoc on our once-vibrant communities, the aftermath is marked by a stark reality: widespread homelessness and an unparalleled housing crisis. As the debris is cleared and the scars of the storms begin to fade, the glaring issue of homes lying in disrepair and a diminishing supply of habitable dwellings persists.

Open forum: Project Promise Reviews 2023

Resa O'Reilly Shearn, president and founder of Project Promise, reviews this year’s many firsts as well as the continuation of its existing program.

Open Forum: Adopt the Revised Organic Act of 1954 as the USVI’s Constitution

This year, a lot of my time and energy was spent advocating for the adoption of the Revised Organic Act of 1954 (as amended). Although my request to testify in support of adopting the Revised Organic Act of 1954 (ROA) as a framework for a proposed V.I. constitution was ignored by the 34th Legislature, I am more determined than ever to promote the idea. What is there to lose?

Open forum: Will Wisdom Prevail at the Sixth Constitutional Convention?

Verdel L. Petersen wonders if the Sixth Constitutional Convention, scheduled for the Nov. 5, 2024, will elect convention delegates who reflect on the history of previous conventions and avoid the mistakes of the past.


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