St. Croix Man Arrested for Allegedly Firing Gunshots at Two People

A St. Croix man turned himself into police after firing gunshots at two people, the V.I. Police Department reported Monday.

The 911 Emergency Call Center received reports of shots being fired in the Little Princess residential area. Upon the officers’ arrival, they made contact with the victims and witnesses who stated that Brian B. Roebuck was present at one of the victim’s residence and assaulted two people, according to the police report.

Roebuck left the area, then returned with a firearm and fired three shots and threatened one of the victims. While leaving Roebuck pointed his firearm at one of the witnesses, the police report stated.

Later that evening Roebuck turned himself into police where he was advised of his Miranda Rights, and he gave a statement denying assaulting anyone, the report stated.

Roebuck, 27, was placed under arrest and charged with reckless endangerment in the first degree, discharging or aiming firearms, carrying of firearms openly or concealed, possession of ammunition, simple assault and battery, and disturbance of the peace by threats. He was unable to post bail which was set at $30,000. Roebuck then led the Detectives to where he secured the firearm and a black ghost gun was recovered. He was subsequently remanded to the John A. Bell Correctional Facility pending his advice of rights hearing, police said.

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