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Local government

Department of Human Services to Issue SNAP Early

The Food and Nutrition Service has provided notice to states and territories that SNAP’s February allocation will be in January. As a result, the DHS will be issuing February’s allotments sometime in January.

NY Power Authority to Help Modernize WAPA’s Electric Grid

The ongoing recovery effort by WAPA to restore, improve and modernize the islands’ electric grid will receive a significant boost in the form of technical assistance from New York State.
Passengers crowd into the Cyril E. King Airport Thursday to get the first fights out. (V.I. Port Authority photo)

ALERT: VIPA Asks Travelers to Arrive Earlier at King Airport

Entrance to the terminal may be delayed during the high-traffic hours of 1:30 p.m. through 3:30 p.m. due to a malfunctioning ticket spitter.
Internal Revenue Director Marvin Pickering defends his agency's budget at Monday's Finance Committee hearing.

Form W-2VI Now Available at All Bureau of Internal Revenue Offices

The request form to be used, Form W-2VI, is available on the BIR’s website.
Albert Bryan

Governor Bryan Names Senior Staff, Sets Date to Announce Cabinet

On Wednesday, Jan. 9, Gov. Albert Bryan Jr. announced the individuals who will serve as his senior Government House staff; he has set Tuesday, Jan. 15, as the date to announce some of his cabinet members.
Elizabeth Armstrong at an April WAPA board meeting.

WAPA Board Approves Sale of Excess Equipment to Aid Typhoon Stricken Mariana Islands

The governing board’s approval will facilitate the sale of 675 excess transformers at an estimated cost of $1.3 million dollars plus administrative fees.

Governor Appoints Additional Acting Agency Heads

The former Commissioners each resigned from their positions this month. Further personnel appointments will be made in the days ahead.

WAPA Board Ratifies Contracts Concerning Generating Units

Meeting on St. Croix Thursday, the governing board of the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA) approved several items concerning the introduction of new generating units at the Randolph Harley Power Plant.
WAPA CEO Lawrence Kupfer testifies before the Senate Finance Committee Wednesday.

WAPA Says Resumption of Disconnection Policy Has Increased Customer Service Demand

“The public is advised that the inconvenience of having service interrupted and subsequently reconnected can be avoided by adhering to the schedule for payment when bills are issued,” WAPA's executive director said.

BER Begins Follow-up of 2017 Economic Census of Island Areas

The Virgin Islands Bureau of Economic Research (BER) has begun follow-up activities on behalf of the United States Census Bureau.





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