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Elections 2018

Polling Places August 4 2018 Primary Election

The polling places are consolidated. Each location, in bold, is the polling place for those who normally vote in the places listed below it. St....

Nelson Abandons Bid for Governor

Sen. Positive Nelson has dropped his complaint and petition for a temporary restraining order against the V.I Board of Elections decision that disqualified his team from participating in the 2018 gubernatorial campaign.
Beatrice Gumbs

STX Senate: What Do the Candidates Say? Beatrice Gumbs

To try to inform the community on where the candidates stand, the Source sent each senatorial candidate a questionnaire with questions on pressing issues...
Stedmann Hodge Jr.

STT Senate: What Do the Candidates Say? Stedmann Hodge Jr.

To try to inform the community on where the candidates stand, the Source sent each senatorial candidate a questionnaire with questions on pressing issues...
Randolph Thomas (Campaign photo)

STT/STJ Senate: What the Candidates Say: Randolph Thomas

Randolph Thomas has served as the director of planning, research, and evaluation, and the Virgin Islands Virtual Information System (VIVIS) project director for the Department of Education. He also has government experience.
Annette Scott

STX Senate: What Do the Candidates Say? Annette Scott

Annette Scott, who is running for one of St. Croix's Senate seat, thinks reducing the size of the Legislature to seven or nine part-time legislators would help cut the cost of government.
Sen. Janette Millin Young at a Sept. 1 Rules and Judiciary Committee meeting. (V.I. Legislature photo by Barry Leerdam)

Millin Young Says Mapp’s Salary Increase Announcement Promotes False Hope

Sen. Janette Millin Young, who is running for governor, considers Gov. Mapp’s recent promise to increase salaries of teachers and other government employees to be “a bad joke.”
Ophelia 'Nemmy' Jackson addresses the St. Croix Women's March in January. Beside her is Carol Burke. (Anne Salafia photo)

STX Senate: What Do the Candidates Say? Ophelia ‘Nemmy’ Jackson

Ophelia “Nemmy” Jackson is running as a Democratic candidate for Senate in the St. Croix District. She has 23 years of experience as an educator in the territory and has served in the Department of Education Department of Housing, Parks and Recreation.

Early Voting for the Primary Election Cycle Has Ended

The public is advised that Early Voting results will be tabulated one the polling places are closed on Election Day after 7 p.m.

Board of Elections to Conduct Testing of Express Vote, Voting Machines

The Board of Elections will be conducting testing of the Express Vote and DS200 Voting Machines at 5 p.m., Friday, July 27. These machines will be utilized on Election Day.





STT-STJ AG FAIR -- on St. Thomas, connecting farmers and the fruits of their labors with the
public. Bordeaux Farms Pavillion provided the venue, although the traditional host, University of the Virgin Islands, is eager for a reunion.
The AG FAIR is an opportunity for shoppers to pick up meats and veggies for the Thanksgiving table. Chef Ashley Allen staged a turkey carving demonstration, followed by a turkey tasting.
An appreciative crowd formed an audience for a dance troupe and tips on composting, plus a contest to see who could quickly light a coalpot.
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