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Local government

DHS Continues to Celebrate Older Americans Month

The week opens with church service on St. John at the Nazareth Lutheran Church from 10 a.m. until noon, Sunday, May 15, There will be other events on each island during May.

DHS Receives Federal Grant Award for SNAP Employment and Training

The V.I. Department of Human Services (DHS) recently received notice from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDOA) – Food and Nutrition Service that the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as Food Stamps, is the recipient of an additional grant award in the amount of $425,000.

Legalize It Now! (But Do It Right)

The Legislature should legalize locally grown marijuana and should license growers and sellers, restricting it to traditional family farms, defined like local fishing, in the USVI.

DLCA Warns Supermarkets About Breaking Laws; Asks Consumers for Help

Licensing and Consumer Affairs has been closely observing the service and conditions of several supermarkets licensed to do business in the Virgin Islands.

Governor’s Office Offers Summer Camps Free Training for Kids With Disabilities

In an effort to best accommodate the territory’s special needs children, the Office of the Governor is offering free training to summer camp providers. Jamila Russell, territorial coordinator for the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), said the one-day workshops will assist those running progr+ams to help ensure that all children have a good experience this summer

GERS: Senate Orders Personal Loan Program Restarted for One Year

The V.I. Legislature voted to force the Government Employee Retirement System to restart its personal loan program on a limited basis, for one year, lending as much as $20 million.

Senate Passes Two Unfunded Mandates

The V.I. Legislature voted overwhelmingly Monday in favor of two unfunded mandates: one to require the Education Department to train public school counselors in 'grief and stress counselingæ and one mandating juvenile corrections programs tailored to female inmates.

Senate Sweetens Hotel Development Subsidies

The V.I. Legislature voted to broaden extensive hotel development tax incentives without debate Monday, one of many amendments to a bill appropriating money to repay the federal government for funds mismanaged by the Law Enforcement Planning Commission.

Senate Overrides Veto of Law Removing Elected Officials Who Vote Stateside

Senators overrode Gov Kenneth Mapp's vetoes of a measure that would would remove elected officials from office if they voted in stateside elections, and another to prohibit the governor him from using a revolving line of credit to buy 'ceremonial vehicles.'

DOH to Unveil New Technology Kiosks for Healthier Mothers and Children

Michelle S. Davis, health commissioner nominee, the USVI Maternal Child Health (MCH) and Children with Special Care Needs Program, and St. Andrew Development will unveil a new interactive wellness kiosk and tablet program that provides important health information, especially for mothers.





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