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V.I. Lottery Wants to Keep More of Its Revenues

The V.I. Lottery is on track to just break even this year, thanks to slot machine-like "video lottery terminals," on St. Thomas, but it wants to keep more gambling revenues for its own operations.

Dr. Ricketts Leaves JFL Hospital Board

After leading the Gov. Juan Luis Hospital board through several life-threatening crises for three years, Dr. Anthony Ricketts resigned last week to devote more time to his 15-year-old pediatric practice.

Hewlett Packard Training Brings Up Questions of Virtual Security

Local IT managers had a chance to explore whether the cloud storage technology offered by companies such as Hewlett Packard and Intel Corp. is really right for the territory at an expo Tuesday.

Basic Facts Disputed in PSC-Mandated WAPA Audit

Basic facts are in dispute in an audit performed by Vantage Energy Consulting at the insistence of the Public Services Commission, according to officials testifying to a Senate committee Monday.

Port Authority Training on State of the Art Fire Equipment

According to the VIPA, the authority’s aircraft rescue and fire trucks are replaced in intervals, and the Global Striker will take over for another in the fleet that will be coming out of rotation.

Azekah Jennings Dies in Connecticut

Azekah Jennings, who was born in the Virgin Islands, made a name for himself first as an assistant U.S. attorney, died Sunday in Connecticut after a short illness. He was 57.

Monarch Energy Still Interested in Hovensa, Despite Obstacles

Last week Monarch Energy Partners Inc. reaffirmed its interest in purchasing the shuttered Hovensa oil refinery on St. Croix in hopes of operating the facility at full capacity and returning jobs to the territory.

Fish Kill in Coral Bay

Fish started dying Thursday in Coral Bay, and it’s raising a lot of questions. So far, no one has any answers.

Trunk Bay Gets a Coastweeks Cleanup

At first glance, Trunk Bay looks like the pristine beach so often featured in glossy tourist brochures.

Knight Asked WICO To Pay Mapp Rent After Property And Procurement Said No

WICO chair and Mapp Chief of Staff Randy Knight told senators he asked WICO to pay the governor's rent after the Department of Property and Procurement rejected the proposed lease as too extravagant.





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