VIWMA Asks Community to Sort Debris Being Put on Side of Roads


The V.I. Waste Management Authority (VIWMA) is requesting the community’s support in sorting debris that is being placed on the side of the roads. The Authority is asking residents to separate the debris as follows:

  1. Debris must be separated by green waste (such as trees, branches, grass and cuttings) and household waste (such as bottles, cans, clothing, disposables, food packaging and food scraps).
  2. Residents who receive house-to-house/curbside collection are asked to place their garbage outside on their regularly scheduled pick up day, beginning Monday, Sept. 11.
  3. Do not dispose of electronic waste (computers, televisions, radios, etc.). The public will be advised soon regarding disposal locations.

The public’s cooperation is needed to ensure the debris is collected and handled quickly and effectively.

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