June 6, 2001 — Town and Country is a magazine targeted, so they say, to an affluent audience. "Town and Country" is a movie which may also be targeted to an affluent audience, albeit one with no sense of humor.
Touted as a romantic comedy, alas it is neither according to most reviews. One wag went so far as to describe it as "jawdroppingly bad."
Here's how it works. Porter (Warren Beatty) and Ellie (Diane Keaton) are a dashing New York couple who after 25 years of marriage get itchy feet. How about that? Meanwhile, Mona (Goldie Hawn) discovers her husband Griffin (Gary Shandling) is having an affair. The two couples are best friends.
The two husbands take off on an adventure to "find themselves," for lack of a better term, and basically find themselves victims of a weak plot that could have been terribly funny. Pity, with all the talent running loose here, including Andie McDowell and Natassja Kinski who pop up on Porter and Griffin's excellent adventure.
Almost two hours long, the move is rated R for sexuality and language. It is directed by Peter Chelsom and written by Michael Laughlin.
It starts Thursday at Market Square East.

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