See 'Inconvenient Truth' – It's the Right Thing to Do and It's Good

July 29, 2006 – I came out of "Inconvenient Truth" feeling hopeful – something I had not expected to ever feel about the subject of Al Gore's film – global warming.
After spending an hour and a half exposing the very real threat of world-wide disaster brought on by the green house effect human beings have created with their addiction to progress at any cost, Gore says there is something we can do immediately to reduce the damage and reverse the trend toward annihilation of the species.
Gore, who says his interest in global warming was sparked by a professor he had in the '70s, says, "I have shown this slide show thousands of times."
After watching the film and seeing the very real photography with its undeniable proof of the reality of global warming, one wonders how he has kept going all these years.
Despite being a shameless pre-presidential bid, 'Inconvenient Truth' is also a highly understandable scientific treatment, interspersed with humor and personal passion, of the world's greatest environmental challenge.
When talking about the solutions, Gore calls global warming a "moral" issue and he says one of the solutions is to "pray."
But along with prayer, Gore says raising emissions standards, purchasing energy efficient appliances, and taking action is required.
I say, seeing the movie is also required. It's the right thing to do.
It's playing at Market Square East Theaters.

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