Education Commissioner Corrects Source Article

Dear Source:
"District Schools Showing Signs of Improvement Over Last Year."
I would like to correct one area of the above-referenced article. I did indicate that I had sent several e-mails to the Commissioners of the Departments of Health, Labor and Planning & Natural Resources. I did not, however, say that none of them had responded. What I did say, in fact, was that I had also made direct contact with two of them and had tried, but not made contact with the third. I also indicated that the Department of Health had visited our schools in both districts, but had not received word that the other two agencies had sent inspectors.
Finally, when asked about the certification, I indicated that I did not know how that would work – whether each agency would issue a certificate or whether all agencies would sign off on one certificate. I further pointed out that that is not clear in the legislation.
I felt that it was important for me to provide this correction since I have been in contact with all three Commissioners and that, although I can affirm only one agency conducting inspections, emails have been shared back and forth with all three Commissioners.
Commissioner Noreen Michael
Virgin Islands

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