An Advocate for the Bar ID Bill

Dear Source:
I was absolutely speechless when I saw the article in this medium where the Governor calls Bar I.D. checks too much of a burden and bad for local businesses. What is wrong with our people and our leaders? Excuse me, but is there not a law that establishes a legal drinking age. I now that our culture and heritage encourages drinking from an earlier age, but just because we don't have miles and miles of roads for drunk drivers to kill innocent people on, or high speed limits, does not diminish the problem or significance of breaking established laws.
Governor Turnbull, senators and anyone else that thinks this is more of a bother than a serious issue, please wake up. How can anyone expect the Federal government to take us seriously when we make comments and statements such as I.D. checks are too costly and burdensome for our local businesses. You have got to be kidding me!! Not to mention that we are a U.S. territory which falls under the same laws and jurisdiction as any other territory or state, with the exception of our Organic Act which amends Federal laws that don't make sense in our territory or culture due to geographics, and practicality etc. But this is beyond ridiculous. I hope that everyone involved reconsiders their position, and does the prudent and sensible thing to pass this bill. After all, it's what the businesses should be doing anyway. Imagine your kid being able to go to any bar, and get oiled up without impunity. Lawd only knows, this could be a big part of the crime problem that we have right now……
Courtney Jackson
Baton Rouge, La.

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