Dr. Gail James Crowned ‘Mrs. International Woman of Achievement’ Representing USVI

Dr. Gail

Dr. Gail James Crowned ‘Mrs. International Woman of Achievement’ (Submitted photo)

James a native of St. Thomas Virgin Islands, and esteemed clinical Christian therapist, inspirational speaker and visionary behind Sanctuary of Change, has recently achieved remarkable milestones that have garnered worldwide attention. Dr. James, known for her unwavering commitment to empowering individuals to overcome adversity, has been crowned “Mrs. International Woman of Achievement,” representing The U.S. Virgin Islands.  The mission of Woman of Achievement is to recognize and develop women leaders.

The pageant took place on September 22-24, 2023 in Long Beach, Calif., aboard the Historic Queen Mary. Women from around the world competed for the prestigious titles. The categories included public speaking, platform, interviews and cultural wear.

Additionally, Dr. Gail James is one of the 21 Women to Watch from the U.S. Virgin Islands presented by Courageous Woman Magazine, and her newly released book, “From the Pit to The Palace,” has soared to the No. 1 spot on the Amazon Bestsellers list.

In her latest book, “From the Pit to The Palace: My Rise from Pain to Purpose,” Dr. James takes readers on a poignant journey, revealing how courage can propel individuals from the depths of despair to a life filled with purpose and fulfillment. This compelling book tells a heartfelt story of triumph over trauma and childhood sexual abuse. Dr. James weaves an enthralling narrative that shares invaluable lessons from the perspective of a survivor. Through her words, readers will gain insights into conquering challenges, cultivating objective viewpoints. and forging ahead amidst the lingering echoes of pain and trauma.

The book launched on Sept. 15, 2023, on Amazon and will be available at bookstores across the nation.

“My story becomes a guiding light for those who’ve endured childhood abuse,” said Dr. James

More About Dr. Gail James: Dr. Gail James is a licensed clinical Christian therapist, motivational speaker, and CEO of Xtraordinary Services 4 Xtraordinary People Agency. With a Ph.D. in Christian Counseling, she excels in trauma, mental health, substance abuse and family therapy. As the founder of Sanctuary of Change, her mission is dedicated to aiding abuse victims.

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