Rain to Subside Friday, Milder Conditions for Weekend

An upper level trough brought rainfall, thunder and lightening to the U.S. Virgin Islands Friday, but the wet conditions are expected to lessen over the weekend.

St. John got the most rain, according to meteorologist Jose Alamo of the San Juan Weather station, with 1.38 inches falling on St. John’s eastern end since midnight. St. Thomas airport recorded 1.25 in the same time frame. St. Croix experienced the least amount of rain with .25 to 1 inch recorded across the island.

Alamo said though it is early in the season it is not all that unusual to have thunder and lightening storms in early April, caused by the instability and moisture in the upper level trough. He recalled such a storm occurring in February last year.

He said there could be ponding of water on roadways and in low lying areas, along with reduced visibility and gusty winds through Friday evening. He had no reports of flooding in the territory. The rest of the weekend should see variable cloudy skies and scattered showers. “But nothing like what we have seen today,” he said.

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