Division of Personnel Advises Employees, Retirees of Changes to Cigna Premiums

Milton E. Potter, director of the Division of Personnel, advises employees and retirees of the recent rate changes to the Government of the U.S. Virgin Islands Health Insurance Coverage under CIGNA.  Employees and retirees covered under Cigna should expect to see a rate change on their next payroll.  Those having single coverage will see an increase of approximately $11.28 per pay-period while those having family insurance will see an increase of $20.30 per pay period.

          Potter said, “Given that we have not had a rate change in three years and as a result of serious negotiations by members of the GESC board, the Virgin Islands Legislature and the executive branch, we are fortunate to have minimized the rate increase. Based on trend and experience it could have been upwards of 15 percent.   Employees should see changes on their Oct. 26 paychecks.

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