Virtue of the Week: Consideration

Consideration is being thoughtful of other people and their feelings. You consider how your actions affect them. You pay careful attention to what others like and don’t like, and do things that give them happiness.

You are practicing consideration when you:

– Respect other people’s needs and feelings,

– Consider others’ needs as important as your own,

– Stop and think how your actions will affect people,

– Put yourself in other people’s shoes,

– Give tender attention, and

– Think of little things to bring others happiness.


I am considerate of others. I stop and think about how my actions may affect them. I do thoughtful things for people.

The Family Connection was established in 2005 by the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands as an early-childhood initiative. The mission of TFC is to strengthen the community child care and early education infrastructure in the USVI by building awareness of the importance of early learning and development for success and working with community agencies to promote quality care and education.

One of its efforts is the Virtues Project, an international initiative focused on building peaceful and caring communities.

The Source supports the Virtues Project. We will publish one of the virtues developed by the project each week.

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