Open Forum: We the Youth Demand Change!

Dear Editor,

We, the youth, stand here not as individuals, but as voices for justice and change. It’s time for our voices to be heard! We’re doing all this protesting with posters and social media posts, and that’s still not enough? When will our voices be heard?

It’s so sad that students have to go to school, and there’s no playground for them to play on lunchtime. It’s so sad that students have to learn in the heat! Why are there bathrooms that are so unorganized and unkept? Why are bathroom sinks broken? Why do schools have toilets that can’t be flushed? Why is there no paper towel for students to wipe their hands on after using the restroom? Why are there stalls that can’t be closed in the restroom? Why are there termites all over the place, especially in classrooms? Why are we in classes learning but smelling sewage water? When it rains, why are we getting wet while inside the class environment? Why are students learning in moldy schools? What will our health look like in the next 10 to 15 years?

As leaders of our community, we the youth demand change! We demand that you guys treat us better! Aren’t we supposed to be thanking y’all instead of having to beg to be heard and appreciated?

— Aaliyah Torres is an 11th grade student at St. Croix Central High School 

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